Our parent company started in 1960. Our Grandfather Meyer Gold started buying and selling Jewelry from an office located in the Chicagoland area. Bringing in his family after he established a name for himself, he taught our families everything from Gold to Gemstones throughout his life. The information and teachings have been passed down through generations to this very day. With new technologies emerging to make gemstones more pleasing to look at (thus decreasing the value of them), we found many years ago that continued education in ALL aspects from mining the gemstones to the final processes of jewelry making were needed to conduct day to day business. We require every employee to learn at least the basics of what our Grandfather knew over 40 years ago! 

 We are the source for Vintage and Antique jewelry as that’s our specialty. We have sold items ranging in price from $50.00 to well above $100,000.00! We concentrate on this type of jewelry as most of the vintage items were hand made. Unlike a lot of today's mass produced items, the quality and workmanship all the way down to the hand selected gemstones in each piece are a remembrance of the simpler times when companies made fine pieces of jewelry with the notion of creating a work of art and not how much profit they are going to make. It’s this reason we are not only knowledgeable in vintage pieces but we have a passion to preserve and resell such items to know that they will one day become a part of some ones family and not just melted down to extract the precious metals and gemstones.

 We hope everyone reading this finds our family values and business practices to be among the best in the industry. We also welcome comments and criticism from anyone that shares this passion for Vintage and Antique Jewelry and Gemstones.


Gemrush today carries fine vintage jewelry as well as handpicked Gold & Platinum Gemstone jewelry for today's fashions. We can provide GIA Certified Gemologist appraisals on items bought in our store, and on occasion, even some items we auction on Ebay!


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